What can Diabetics eat to keep Diabetes in control?

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What can Diabetics eat?

What can Diabetics eat without adversely impacting blood sugar levels is something that every diabetic is concerned about.

Actually, What can Diabetics eat is a diet that is low in sugar, salt, fat and calories. A diabetic diet must contain good amounts of protein, fibre and other nutrients.

‘What can Diabetics eat’ is a balanced diet for every meal in small portions.

Food for diabetes is a sensitive topic as diet plays significant role in diabetic’s health. The diabetic diet chart determines what a diabetic patient can eat to keep good health.

What can Diabetics eat to keep diabetes in control?

"What can Diabetics eat balanced dietAs a diabetic, it is important that you eat a balanced meal every time.

A balanced diet contains the right combination of fibre and all nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals etc.

These nutrients can be in the form of grains, pulses or legumes, fruits and vegetables etc.

The most important point is to eat as less sugar as you can.

If a diabetic eats food that is high in sugar, his blood sugar levels spike and this adversely impacts health.

So, diabetics must make sure they eat a balanced diet every time.

Now let us see what the best foods for diabetics and the worst foods for diabetics are and What can Diabetics eat.


What can Diabetics eat carbsCarbohydrates or Carbs as we commonly call them are very essential for health. They are important for diabetics too. Carbs are the source of energy.

Carbs are like fuel for metabolism.  Body uses carbs in biosynthesis.

Diabetics must make sure they include carbs in every meal but in the right quantity.

A  doctor or nutritionist can help with a balanced diabetic meal plan. They plan diabetic meals based on how the diabetic patient’s blood sugar levels are.

Carbohydrate sources for diabetics

Whole grains, sweet potato are the best sources of starches or carbohydrates for diabetics.

Food prepared with these with no or very little added sugar is good.

Brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, millet are great examples of whole grains. Food prepared with whole grains contains fibre which is very helpful for diabetics.

Fibre makes you feel full for longer and so you eat less food. Fibre also helps to maintain healthy body weight.

Few other sources of starches or carbohydrates may not be good for diabetics to eat.

These include white rice, white flour, starches with loads of added sugar, white bread, potato chips, any bread made with white flour.

What can Diabetics eat to kill cravings?

If you cannot stop your cravings for food high in sugar, salt, fat or calories, you can have a small bite but not much.


What can Diabetics eat Protein.As Protein is one of the essential nutrients we need to eat enough of it with every meal.

Protein helps to repair damaged cells and muscle growth.

High protein diet helps deal with diabetes easier. Protein rich diet supports weight loss too.

What can Diabetics eat for protein?

Many people eat in every meal. Meat is rich in protein. But meat does not contain any fibre which is essential for diabetics.

Fibre is essential for keeping hunger in control and easier bowel movements.

What can Diabetics eat for protein instead of meat?

What can Diabetics eat for protein?
What can Diabetics eat for protein?

Protein is also widely available in many vegetarian foods.

Examples of protein rich vegetarian foods include pulses, grains, beans, lentils etc.

As we can get both protein and fibre from lentils and beans, diabetics must eat more whole beans. Examples include black bean, kidney bean, green beans, green peas etc.

A diabetic diet chart must include plenty of such beans and lentils. You can make great recipes for diabetics from these beans and lentils.


The best answer that a doctor can give to someone who asks what diabetics can eat is ‘Vegetables’.

Most vegetables contain lots of good nutrients and fibre that are very good for health. The best way to eat vegetables is raw or steamed.

When you eat vegetables raw or steamed, they retain most of the nutrients. You may also try to lightly roast or grill the vegetables and eat.

You may add green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale to your salads or you can lightly blanch them and eat.

Experts say the nutrients that vegetables contain depend on their colour to some extent. So, it is very important that you chose vegetables of different colour in your meal.

Generally eating 5 different vegetables a day is a very good practice.

So, What vegetables can Diabetics eat? Great recipes for diabetics are full of vegetables. Cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel sprouts are some of the best vegetables for diabetics to eat.

Are canned vegetables good for diabetics?

Having said that vegetables are good for diabetics, it is important to remember to avoid eating vegetables cooked or treated in some unhealthy methods.

Examples of these include canned vegetables with too much added sodium, vegetables roasted in too much fat or butter or cheese etc. A diabetic diet chart has less of these.

Canned vegetables are not really great but you can select those with little  added salt or sodium.

What fruits can diabetics eat?

What can Diabetics eat fruitsFruits are another great natural food that diabetics must eat.

Fresh fruits contain lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients along with fibre and carbs.

Fruits contain more sugar or starch than vegetables but still make great food for diabetics because of the excellent nutrition they provide.

Fresh fruit diet is great for diabetics.

Fruit with no added sugar is very good for diabetics. Eating whole fresh fruit is better than drinking fruit juices.

Apparently fruit juices contain just sugars and very less fibre so diabetics should not drink too much fruit juice. So diabetics must eat whole fruit instead.

Some sugar free jams or preserves are okay for diabetics. But jams or preserves with added sugar is not good for diabetics.

Some processed foods based on fruits may have additives. As food additives are not good for diabetics, these processed foods are not good.

Examples of processed fruit products include canned fruit with heavy sugar syrup, jams and preserves with high levels of sugars added in and fruit juice drinks, fruit candies etc.

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