What can Diabetics eat to keep diabetes in control?

What can Diabetics eat?

What can Diabetics eat without adversely impacting blood sugar levels is something that every diabetic is concerned about. What can Diabetics eat is a diet that is low in sugar, salt and fat. What can Diabetics eat must contain good amounts of protein, fibre and other nutrients. ‘What can Diabetics eat’ is a balanced diet for every meal. Food for diabetes is a sensitive topic as the diabetic diet chart determines health. What can Diabetics eat?

What can Diabetics eat to keep diabetes in control?

What can Diabetics eat
What can Diabetics eat

What can Diabetics eat? Is that the question you frequently ask yourself? Then you are not alone and you do not need to worry anymore. Diabetics can eat all types of food they love to eat but in limited quantity only. Diabetics must eat fewer foods with high sugar as over eating such foods causes high blood sugar levels and severe diabetic complications. What can Diabetics eat? For these reasons, diabetics must eat more of foods that are low in sugar and high in vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein as these foods do not impact blood sugar levels adversely. They actually support you to lose weight and improve health in general. On the other hand, foods that are high in sugar impact blood sugar levels adversely and they must be very limited in diabetic diet.  Once you understand what foods impact your blood sugar levels adversely, you will find it very easy to decide what can diabetics eat as food for diabetics.

Foods that are high in sugar cause a rise in blood sugar levels. Examples of such foods include sweets, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, fruit juices etc. As these foods cause high blood sugar levels, such foods must be eaten only in limited quantity by diabetics if not avoided totally. Foods that are high in salt are also not good for diabetics as these foods cause hypertension and foods that are high in fat are also not good as they lead to weight gain. These are not What can Diabetics eat.

What can Diabetics eat? Balanced Diet.

What can Diabetics eat balanced dietAs a diabetic, it is important that you chose to eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet contains the right combination of fibre and all nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals in the form of grains, pulses or legumes, fruits and vegetables etc. The most important point to remember is to eat as less sugar as you can. What can Diabetics eat with low sugar? If a diabetic eats food that contain too much sugar with his diet, his blood sugar levels spike and this adversely impacts his health. For such reasons, diabetics must make sure they eat a balanced diet every time. So, What can Diabetics eat? What should Diabetics eat? Balanced Diet it is!

Now let us see what the best foods for diabetics and the worst foods for diabetics are and What can Diabetics eat.

What can Diabetics eat? Carbs.

What can Diabetics eat carbsCarbohydrates or Carbs as they are more commonly known as are very essential for human health and they are important for diabetics too. Carbohydrates are like fuel for metabolism. Carbohydrates act as source of energy and also used in biosynthesis. Diabetics must make sure they include carbs in every meal but in the right quantity as advised by the doctor or nutritionist based on how their blood sugar levels are. The best sources of starches or carbohydrates for diabetics are whole grains, sweet potato or food prepared with these with no or very little sugar added during cooking. Some examples of whole grains are brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, millet. The advantage of eating whole grains or food prepared from whole grains is that such food contains fibre which is very helpful diet for diabetics. Fibre makes you feel full for longer and so you can eat less. Fibre also supports to maintain healthy body weight. So What should Diabetics eat? more fibre it is.

On the other hand, there are some sources of starches or carbohydrates are not recommended for diabetics to eat.  These include white rice, white flour, starches with loads of sugar added while cooking, white bread, potato chips, any bread made with white flour. For these reasons, these are not good for diabetics. What can Diabetics eat to kill cravings? If you cannot stop your cravings for such food, you can have a small bite but not much.

So, What can Diabetics eat? Whole grain food it is!

What can Diabetics eat? Protein.

What can Diabetics eat Protein.Protein is one of the essential nutrients we need to eat with every meal. Protein is known to help repair damaged cells and muscle growth. What can Diabetics eat for protein? High protein diet is known to help deal with diabetes easier. Protein rich diet is also known to support weight loss. As popularly known meat is rich in protein. What can Diabetics eat instead of meat? Meat does not contain any fibre which is essential for easier bowel movements. Protein is also widely available in many vegetarian food. Examples include pulses, grains, beans, lentils etc. As we can get both protein and fibre from lentils and beans, diabetics can eat more of whole beans. Examples include black bean, kidney bean, green beans, green peas etc. These should fill up the diabetic diet chart. You can make great recipes for diabetics from these.

So, What can Diabetics eat? Protein rich food it is!

What can Diabetics eat? Vegetables.

What can Diabetics eat vegetablesThe best answer that a doctor can give to someone who asks what diabetics can eat is Vegetables. Most vegetables contain lots of good nutrients and fibre that are very good for health. The best thing to do is to eat the vegetables freshly produced. This is What can Diabetics eat.

These can be eaten raw or steamed to retain all the nutrients. You may also try to lightly roast or grill the vegetables before eating. You may add green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale to your salads or you can lightly blanch them before you eat. Canned vegetables are not really great but you chose those with low added salt or sodium. It is believed that the nutrients that vegetables contain depend on their colour to some extent. So, it is very important that you chose vegetables of different colour in your meal. Generally eating 5 different vegetables a day is considered a very good practice. Cucumber, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel sprouts are some of the best vegetables for diabetics to eat. So, What can Diabetics eat? Vegetables it is!

Having said that vegetables are good for diabetics, it is important to remember to avoid eating vegetables cooked or treated in some unhealthy methods. This is not food for diabetics and not What can Diabetics eat. Examples of these include canned vegetables with too much added sodium, vegetables roasted in too much fat or butter or cheese etc. A diabetic diet chart has less of these. Great recipes for diabetics are full of vegetables.

What can Diabetics eat? Fruits.

What can Diabetics eat fruitsFruits are another great natural food that diabetics can eat. Like vegetables, fruits also contain lot of vitamins, minerals and nutrients along with fibre and carbs. What can Diabetics eat in fruits? In general fruits contain more sugar or starch than vegetables but still considered as great food for diabetics because of the excellent nutrition they provide. So, What can Diabetics eat? Fruits it is!

Fresh fruit is great food for diabetics. The best way for diabetics to eat fresh fruit with no added sugar. Apparently fruit juices contain just sugars and very less fibre so diabetics are advised not to drink too much fruit juice. Diabetics are advised to eat whole fruit instead. Some sugar free jams or preserves are also considered okay for diabetics to eat. Added sugar is not What can Diabetics eat.

Some processed foods based on fruits that are available in the market are not considered good for diabetics to eat as it is not What can Diabetics eat. Examples of these include canned fruit with heavy sugar syrup, jams and preserves with high levels of sugars added in and fruit juice drinks, fruit candies etc. What can diabetics eat for breakfast? Fruits are great breakfast for diabetes. What can Diabetics eat? Fruits it is.

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Diabetic Food Chart

Diabetic Food Chart | What can Diabetics eat?

Diabetic Food Chart is a very handy tool for diabetics that are keen to keep diabetic complications at bay. As diabetics cannot absorb the sugar that their diet brings in, it is important diabetic diet chart lists foods that are low in sugar. Diabetes increases the risk of hypertension and other heart diseases.

Diabetic Food Chart
Diabetic Food Chart

So it is important that Diabetic Food Chart also contains foods that are low in fat, salt and sodium. Diabetic Food Chart must also show foods that are high in fiber, protein and vitamins. This will make diabetics following the Diabetic Food Chart maintain a healthy life style.

Fruits on diabetic chart are shown as to be eaten in moderate quantities only. There are certain foods that diabetics should be careful about eating. For example, mangoes are known to be very high in sugar content and so diabetics are advised not to eat too much mange fruit or drink mango based juices. There are certain fruits like papaya, guava and pear which are considered very well for diabetics. So overall diabetics are advised to eat plenty of fresh fruit as a combination of different types. A smart way is to pick fruits of different colors and eat. It is also wise to spread the fruit consumption across the day instead of eating all in one go.

After fruits, fresh salads are considered one of the best diets for diabetics. Cucumber for example is considered to help in weight loss and regulation of blood sugar levels. Similarly celery and lettuce are great for diabetics that are finding it difficult to manage blood sugar levels. It is very advisable that diabetics eat fresh salad made from different colored vegetables before eating any cooked food. This helps in good digestion and also weight control. As they feel full with fresh salad, they would eat less cooked food anyways and thus consume fewer calories.

Fresh fruit and fresh vegetables are very rich in minerals and easily absorbed by the body. Hence they are good for body metabolism and overall good health.

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Foods Diabetics should avoid

Foods Diabetics should avoid | What can Diabetics eat?

Foods Diabetics should avoid are foods that contain high amounts of fat, sodium, carbs and calories.  These foods are harmful for diabetics as they pose the risk of increasing levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar. They also have adverse impact on weight and heart health. Let us have a closer look at some common foods diabetics should avoid and what alternatives can be taken.

As a general rule, we believe that if you see something that you really love to eat, you do not have to keep your hands off it just because you are diabetic. You can eat in limited quantity. But there are some foods which are not good for anyone whether a diabetic or not. These are foods that are high in salt, sugar and fat.

Biscuits are considered bad for diabetics as they are known to be high in saturated fat, salt and calories. For this reason biscuits are one of the foods diabetics should avoid.

Fried Battered Fish is also bad for diabetics. Fish is generally considered as a good food for many people. But fish that is coated in batter and fried is not considered ideal for diabetics. This is because of the high amounts of fat and calories.

Fruit Juices are generally considered harmful for diabetics due to the high content of sugar and calories. When we get juice out of the fruits, we lose all the good things like fibre from the fruits. What remain in the fruit juice are just sugars and very little fibre. For this reason fruit juice is considered one of the foods diabetics should avoid. An alternative to this is to eat fresh organic fruit.

Foods Diabetics should avoid
Foods Diabetics should avoid

Cinnamon Rolls are a very tempting food for both children and adults equally. It is all in the aroma and taste. But cinnamon rolls are known to be harmful for diabetics due to the high calorie content.

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What can a Diabetic eat?

What can a Diabetic eat? What can Diabetics eat?

What can a Diabetic eat is a matter of serious enquiry by all diabetics. What can a diabetic eat is whole and natural food. Food that nature provides is really good for diabetics in the exact natural form.

What can a Diabetic eat
What can a Diabetic eat

This means processed food is not good for diabetics. In a way what can a diabetic eat is whole and natural food with a lot of variety on the plate, all in simple moderate quantities. Eating such safe diet would protect diabetics from many diabetic complications. Please bear in mind that the above diet is good for diabetics but this is not the only diet for diabetics to maintain overall health.

A diabetic diet plan is rich in whole grains, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables. You can also add some very common and basic foods that are rich in fibre, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals to your current diet. Some examples of such diet are apples, avocados, asparagus, beans etc.

Apples are rich in a particular type of anti-oxidants that helps in lowering the risk and levels of cholesterol that leads to heart problem. There are many more reasons why apple is a super food for diabetics. Apple also protects one from diabetes and provides good amount of fibre. It is advisable to eat a small or medium sized apple a day to get the required amount of fibre and carb along with vitamins and minerals. A large apple may contain more carbs then you need for a day. So, you can eat a bit of a big apple but not the whole apple.

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat that is good for heart health. Eating avocados will protect you from diabetes and related complications and risk of heart disease. If you start eating avocados regularly early in your life, you will be protected from diabetes too. You can eat avocado direct or with a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil.

Beans are another food that is very good for diabetics. Beans are very rich in fibre and protein. Beans also have a special property of helping diabetics in better control of blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

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What should a Diabetic eat?

What should a Diabetic eat? What can Diabetics eat?

What should a Diabetic eat? Is that your question at the moment? Well the answer to that question is very popular and equally obscure.

What should a Diabetic eat
What should a Diabetic eat

What should a diabetic eat is a balanced diet low in sugar, salt and fat but high in fibre, protein, minerals and vitamins. Now what should a diabetic eat is naturally available fruits, vegetables, pulses etc.

It is important the food that a diabetic eats is low in sugar because any food that that is high in sugar, will lead to an increase in blood sugar levels which is not good for a diabetic. This means that if you are eating a starch based food like potato or rice you must make sure that you eat only a limited quantity. The same applies to eating fruits like mangoes and pineapples. You can only eat little quantities of these only.

Similarly high amounts of salt are not good for diabetics as it increases the risk of heart disease, and hypertension. High salt in food also has an adverse effect on body weight – high salt content increases the risk of water weight that is the weight increase in body due to increased water retention in the body.

Diabetic food must also be low in fat so that you do not gain much weight due to the excessive content of fat in the food. If you eat food that is high in fat, you gain weight and that in turn makes diabetes worse and increases the risk of diabetes related complications.

Food that is high in fibre promotes the general health of a diabetic and helps cleanse the body of toxins. And food high in vitamins, minerals and fibre is thus very good for diabetics. Vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cucumber, and lettuce are very friendly diet for diabetics at all times.

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Good Foods for Diabetics

Good Foods for Diabetics | What can Diabetics eat?

Good Foods for Diabetics are those that are low in sugar, salt and fat while high in fibre, vitamins and minerals. There are few myths that diabetics cannot eat certain food types at all. Contrary to this, various researches have proved that diabetics must eat a balanced meal. A balanced meal typically contains starches, vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy, fat and drinks. Good foods for diabetics include samples from each of the above types of food. The best foods in each of these categories can be eaten by a diabetic in moderate quantities to keep health better. The best foods in each category are listed below.

Starches or carbs as they are sometimes called are an essential part of any balanced diet. The best choices of starches include the below: brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, millet, or amaranth any other whole grains which are low in sugar, sweet potato baked in the oven, bread, cake, biscuits that are made from whole grain with no added sugar.

Vegetables are a great source of fibre and contain very less fat, salt, sugar. For this reason they are a great food for diabetics. Diabetics can eat any vegetable raw, or lightly steamed, roasted or grilled. However, green vegetables such as kale, spinach etc. are known to be very good foods for diabetics.

Fruits are a great source of carbs, vitamins, minerals and fibre and very low in fat and sodium. However fruits are known to contain more sugar than vegetables. The best way to eat fruit is to eat it whole, natural and fresh.

Good Foods for Diabetics
Good Foods for Diabetics

Protein is very essential for muscle health and body repair. Plant based proteins such as beans, nuts and pulses etc. are good foods for diabetics.

Dairy is a good food for diabetics but the quantity taken must be very low. Milk, yogurt and cheese can only be eaten in low-fat form.

Fats, Oils, and Sweets are not good for diabetics. However it is not possible to completely avoid them. Good foods for diabetics include vegetable fats such as nuts, seeds or avocados.

Drinks that have added sugar are not recommended for diabetics. So the best drink for diabetics is water. You can replace soda and juice with water in every meal to get healthier.

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Can Diabetics eat Fruit?

Can Diabetics eat Fruit ? What can Diabetics eat?

Can Diabetics eat Fruit is a common question. There is a myth that diabetics should avoid fruits in their diet. But fruits are a great source of fibre and vitamins. For this reason, fruits are indeed an essential part of diabetic diet. The reason why diabetics fear fruit is that fruits have high sugar content. Bu that should not be a problem as long as you eat fruit in limited quantity. Another important fact to remember is that diabetics are much better off eating whole fruit direct rather than drinking fruit juice. This is because when we juice a fruit, we lose all essential fibre and get lots of sugar in the drink.

Certain fruits are very high in sugar. Examples include mango and pineapple. Due to the high content of sugar in them it is advised that diabetics be careful while eating these. They must be eaten in only limited quantity and just when they ripe. Eating over-ripened fruits is not good as they contain even higher levels of sugar. It can be even more harmful for diabetics to drink juices from mango, pine apple or other tropical fruits. And another tip is that instead of eating all of day’s fruit in one go, diabetic are advised to spread the supply of fruit uniformly across the whole day. This will avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.

Can Diabetics eat Fruit
Can Diabetics eat Fruit

Certain other fruits like papaya, watermelon and pear are known to very diabetic friendly diets. This is because they contain high amount of fibre or water. Both fibre and water are known to be very helpful for diabetic health. These fruits also contain low levels of sugar and fat. The fibre in these fruits helps to cleanse the digestive system of waste. It also helps to clean the body of toxins so it makes you healthier. The water in the fruits keeps you hydrated and healthy.

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Diabetic Breakfast Recipes

Diabetic Breakfast Recipes | What can Diabetics eat?

Diabetic Breakfast Recipes can be tricky to make but the below it can help make it easy.

The first thing to keep in mind is the portion sizes. Diabetics can eat moderate portions of breakfast. Huge portions are a simple no-no for diabetics.

Diabetic Breakfast Recipes
Diabetic Breakfast Recipes

It is important to include diabetes friendly foods like whole grains, beans and low-sugar vegetables etc. It is very important to avoid high fat and high sugar foods in diabetic breakfast recipes.

The way you cook a breakfast for diabetics is also important and it is best to cook on non-stick pans that need very less fat.

When you include diary products in any diabetic breakfast recipes, make sure they are of low-fat. The same rule applies for all diary products like milk, yogurt, and cheese.

If you drink coffee as part of your breakfast it is always wise to keep it sugar free and low fat milk.

The below can be some useful ideas for diabetic breakfast recipes.

  • Breakfast Shake can be prepared by blending in one cup of fat free milk or plain non-fat yogurt with fruits like strawberry, banana or blue berry. You can also add some nuts and ice to make it filling and healthy.
  • A Muffin made of a high fibre substance such as bran is very healthy for diabetics. You can add some berries on the side and a dollop of low-fat yogurt to make it more interesting.
  • A Whole-Grain Cereal is another one of great diabetic breakfast recipes.  A small bowl of cereal such as wheat or bran or even oatmeal can be a great breakfast when topped with diabetic friendly fruits and skimmed milk.
  • Bagels are pretty heavy in carbs but bagel thins can be a good idea for breakfast. You can use some almond butter to smoothen it a bit.
  • Another wonderful breakfast recipe is some almonds and fruits all taken raw and whole with no added sugar. They are very tasty and nutritious so can make a great breakfast for a diabetic.

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